Delux Holiday

(10 Days/ 09 Nights)

Day 01: Arrival In Negambo

Day 02: Anuradhapura/ Polonnaruwa

Day 03: Polonnaruwa / Sigiriya

Day 04: Dambulla/ Kandy

Day 05: Kandy

Day 06: Nuwara Eliya

Day 07: Nuwara Eliya – Horton Plains

Day 08: Beach Stay in Unawatuna

Day 09: Beach Stay in Ahungalla

Day 10: Departure




Package Code: DH1009

We will pick you up from the airport and arrive in Dion's Guest house. Our journey starts from Negambo to Anuradhapura, the first known ancient capital of Sri Lanka. We will be covering most of the city and its ancient ruins, including sacred Buddhist stupa. Then we head to city of Polonnaruwa and cover part of the city and spend first night.  Day 3 will start exploring more of Pollonnaruwa, its ruins, then heads to the Sigiriya, the Lion rock. Our next destination is Dambulla where famous cave temple is situated and will stay 2nd night in Dambulla. Day 4, we will be exploring the city and the cave temple and then head to Kandy the last known kingdom before fall under British rule.


We will visit Temple of the tooth where tooth relic of Lord Buddha is kept and visiting other important ancient and cultural sites within Kandy. From Kandy we heads to Nuwara Eliya, place called "Little England" for its cooler climate and explore its beauty, world famous Sri Lankan tea plantations and its production sites. Last place of our interest will be the Horton Plains that will give expendable natural experience and the steep canyon namely "Worlds' End" where two different climate zones meet. From Nuwara Eliya, we heads towards southern coastal belt to experience sun and sea where we will stay our night in a beautiful Unawatuna that has legendary history relating to ancient text of "Ramayana".


Unawatuna is a great place to see corals, one of the places similar to Great Barrier reef of Australia. From Unawatuna we will head towards Colombo alongside coastal belt and spend our last night in a beach resort in Ahugalla famous for scenic beaches and its gem/ jewellery business. From Ahungalla, we will take you to see touch of Colombo on your way to Katunayake International Airport.

Kingdoms of Kings

(06 Days/ 05 Nights)

Day 01: Arrival in Negombo

Day 02: Anuradhapura

Day 03: Anuradhapura

Day 04: Polonnaruwa

Day 05: Sigiriya/ Kandy

Day 06: Departure








Package Code: KK0605

This is all about exploring rich history of Sri Lanka. We start from Negambo up on your arrival head towards Anuradhapura first and foremost capital of Sri Lanka. We will cover few other sites of interest on our way to the ancient city. We will stay first night in Anuradhapura. Day 2 & 3 will let you complete explore Anuradhapura, the Sri Maha Bodhi, said to be the southern branch from the historical Bodhi tree Sri Maha Bodhi at Bodh Gaya in India under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment. Your tour will cover Eight Great Places of Veneration in Anuradhapura - Atamasthana (Jayas Sri Maha Bodhi, Ruwanweli Seya, Thuparamaya, Lovamahapaya, Abhayagiri stupa, Jetavanarama, Mirisaweti stupa, Lankarama).


After two day exploration in Anuradhapura, we heads to Polonnaruwa, the second known capital city of Sri Lanka declared by King Vijayabahu I who defeted Chola invaders from South India in 1070 to reunite the country under one leader. It's a world heritage site. Site of interest include Statue of King, Council Chamber, Kumara Pokuna, Shiva Dewalaya, Thuparama, Vatadage, Sandakada pahana, Satmahal Prasada, Lankatilaka temple, Gal Vihara and many more.


From Polonnaruwa, we travel to climb the famous Lion rock, a rock  fortress built by King Kashyapa (477 – 495 CE), Site is also declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.


Our last destination of the tour will be Kandy, last know kingdom of Sri Lanka before fall under British crown. Kandy is the key city for all the Buddhist around the world as Temple of the tooth in Kandy safeguard the tooth relick of lord buddha.

Tropical Explorer

(08 Days/ 07 Nights)

Day 01: Arrival in Negambo

Day 02: Pinnawela/ Sigiriya

Day 03: Dambulla/ Kandy

Day 04: Kandy/ Nuwara Eliya

Day 05: Yala Safari

Day 06: Mirissa Beach Stay

Day 07: Colombo

Day 08: Departure






Package Code: TE0807

A great way to explore this tropical country. This gives you unique opportunity explore and experience nature and wildlife with bit of history. Your trip will start with the visit to Pinnawela Elephat orphanage, a nursery & captive breeding ground for wild Asian elephants. This orphanage feed, nurse and house young elephants found abandoned by their mothers. Young elephants sometimes fall into pits and ravines in their quest for water during drought period. Other orphans have been displaced from their wild habitat by development projects or have been found abandoned before weaning, diseased or wounded.


Then the world famous Sigiriya Lion rock Dambulla adding bit of history and ancient heritage to the tour and not to miss Wasgamuwa National Park for wild elephants and many other natural wildlife to see. From Matale District, we heads to capital of the central hills, Kandy, lot to experience in history and nature, with scenic mountain ranges.


From Kandy we move to Yala Safari park to have safari experience in the Southern Sri Lanka. Yala is famous for Leopard safari, one of the rare places to see the big cat in Sri Lanka. Our next destination will be Mirissa, small town located between Matara and Hambantota. From Miriss we will take you on a boat trip for Whale watching, a unique experience to see the biggest creature roaming the waters around Sri Lanka.


Then we heads towards Colombo ending our journey through the coastal belt of Sounthern and Western Sri Lanka and finally experience the modern day lifestyle in Sri Lanka at Capital city of the country with some shopping excursions.

Nature & Adventure

(08 Days/ 07 Nights)

Day 01: Arrival in Negambo/


Day 02: Singharaja

Day 03: Kithulgala

Day 04: Nuwara Eliya

Day 05: Horton Plains

Day 06: Yala National Park

Day 07: Galle/ Colombo

Day 08: Departure






Package Code: NA0807

We will start our journey from Wadduwa after your arrival in Negambo. Our destination will be Sinharaja Rain Forest Reserve is a  biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. It is of international significance and has been designated a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The reserve is only 21 km (13 mi) from east to west, and a maximum of 7 km (4.3 mi) from north to south, but it is a treasure trove of endemic species, including trees, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


From Sinharaja, we heads to Kitulgala where famous "The Bridge on the Rive Kwai" was filmed is a base for white water rafting. Ideal place to enjoy the beautiful scenery, play in the river, and have an excellent rice and curry lunch at the local restaurants. A paradise of birds and loved by bird watchers.


Day 4 of our journey will be spent in Nuwara Eliya, so called "Little England", its a tea plantation locale. Major tea production area during the colonial period and even at present it remains as best for its tea. Nuwara Eliya is covered with scenic water falls, high plains that is highly diverse in fauna & flora. Horton Plains in within Nuwara Eliya and we will be exploring beautiful plain during Day 5.


Then we heads to lowland attraction, Yala National Park, sanctuary for Leopard and many more wild animals including Elephants, Sloth Bear, Deer.


Our adventures will end from Colombo with city tour, shopping excursions and we will cover the coastal belt of southern Sri Lanka on our way from Yala. We will touch Galle, where first foreign settlers landed and its famous Dutch Fort.

Island Explorer

(14 Days/ 13 Nights)

Day 01: Arrival Negombo

Day 02: Elephant orphanage

Day 03: Anuradhapura

Day 04: Polonnaruwa

Day 05: Kandy

Day 06: Kandy

Day 07: Nuwara Eliya

Day 08: Badulla

Day 09: Yala

Day 10: Mirissa

Day 11: Unawatuna/Hikkaduwa

Day 12: Colombo

Day 13: Colombo

Day 14: Departure


Package Code: IE1413

We will start our journey from Negambo to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage where we have the world largest captive herd of Wild Elephants. It's a unique experience for local and foreign visitors. From Pillawala, we will head towards Anuradhapura, first capital city of Ancient Sri Lanka. We will spend our first night in Anuradhapura after exploring the city and its famous ancient ruins. We will cover bit more of the history the next day and heads to Pollonnaruwa, another iconic ancient city of Kings. You will be given extensive insight to the engineering marvels of ancient Sri Lanka and its culture.


From Polonnaruwa, our next stop will be Kandy where Tooth relic of Lord Buddha is kept in 14 golden caskets in Temple of the tooth. The most iconic religious structure in Sri Lanka. We will be spending two days in Kandly exploring its rich history, temples, other places with historical value.


Next destination of our tour will be Nuwara Eliya, Little England as they call it for its cool climate and England like weather. You will be experiencing the culture that has directly link with Tea plantation started by the Englishmen during their colonial occupation in Sri Lanka. History landmarks, building sites, Tea factories converted to luxury hotels and many more places including tropical Horton Plains. From Nuwara Eliya, we will heads to Badulla.


From Badulla, we enter the southern Sri Lanka and will be exploring the nature. We will be visiting Yala National Park, one of the best places to locate Sri Lankan Leopard and many more wildlife.



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